Tips for Keeping a Sketchbook

How many times has a creative professional told you, “you should keep a daily sketchbook”? I’ve heard this piece of advice countless times, and still find it difficult to follow well. I personally like to keep an HB pencil, sharpener, blue and red colored pencils, a brush pen, and a few Micron pens. I don’t always … Continue reading “Tips for Keeping a Sketchbook”

5 Things You Need for はなみ (cherry blossom viewing)

Hanami, 花見, means flower viewing. It’s a time to celebrate the ephemeral beauty of springtime blossoms (most often さくら cherry blossoms). When I lived in Japan, I was surprised by how common and traditional an experience it is. It’s not something that just happens in manga, but is a regular occurrence among friends, family, and co-workers. I … Continue reading “5 Things You Need for はなみ (cherry blossom viewing)”

Belgian Comic Strip Museum

At the end of January, my partner and I took a short trip to Europe to tour a school in the Netherlands. While we were there, I heard about the Centre belge de la Bande dessinée, a museum devoted to comics. It’s not very hard for me to get excited about an excursion to Belgium, but mention … Continue reading “Belgian Comic Strip Museum”

Illustrating the Owl and the Pussycat

Last year, I took an online course through MATS for Illustrating Children’s Books. I didn’t share a lot of my work while I was in the class, so I thought it might be helpful to collect the assignments I submitted and reflect on what I got out of the class. The class was taught through … Continue reading “Illustrating the Owl and the Pussycat”

Tastes from England

Taste is a powerful reminder of place and time. When I make macaroni and cheese, I remember Sunday movie nights with my family. When I taste beer, I am 16 and back at a Sleep Inn in London, having my first ale with my mom. Austin cheese crackers with peanut butter are my summer camp, full of blacktop games … Continue reading “Tastes from England”

Holiday Reflections

Every year since I moved away from New Orleans, I’ve flown home for Christmas. During that regular migration, I get pensive, thinking about how I’ve changed since I lived there full-time, what I’ve done in the year past, wonder how much closer I am to living in my hometown again some day. It’s amazing to … Continue reading “Holiday Reflections”