Hello. My name is Celeste. I’m an adventurer, explorer, and illustrator. My adventures and explorations range from small walks in my Brooklyn neighborhood to reading through the Indian slums in Shantaram, the space stations in Ender’s Game, and the Pacific Crest Trail in Wild.

I love to travel through books and through life. Books, audio books, podcasts, blogs, newsletters, and magazines are an essential part of my diet (along with great food). I grew up in NOLA, went to college in the Midwest, lived in Japan for a year teaching English, and now live in New York.

Consider a Constellation is a collection of all the chaotic chunks of information and events of daily life. When they’re written down, a pattern of meaning emerges. I get my constellation fascination from my name and a lifetime of looking up and wondering about the universe.

I’m constantly inspired by the world around me, especially by people, on and off the internet, who create beautiful environments and uplifting communities. I hope to share my small part of the world and connect with you and your world.

Send some mail, comment your thoughts, tweet your books recommendations, show me your favorite Pinterest board, and I’ll happily respond in kind.