9 Podcasts You Should Listen To

One day, while I was studying abroad in England, one of my professors excitedly mentioned Radiolab’s Colors episode. I raised my hand and I said something silly like “What is this Radiolab you speak of?” and he looked at me incredulously. I think he assumed, being from America, I would most certainly have heard it on air. … Continue reading “9 Podcasts You Should Listen To”

Night on the Galactic Railroad

The Night on the Galactic Railroad 銀河鉄道の夜 is a 1934 children’s novel by poet Kenji Miyazawa about a boy’s mysterious journey on a train through the Milky Way. The 1985 animated movie adaptation is a gorgeous rendering of a strange and wondrous story. I’ve marvelled at this film for a few years and wanted to share … Continue reading “Night on the Galactic Railroad”

Side (Passion) Project

You know when someone else says, “Hey! I have this thing I’d love your help on!” And you have projects of your own you’re working on, but you’re really excited to have the chance to work with someone else on something they care about, so you agree to it. It’s often difficult to get everything … Continue reading “Side (Passion) Project”

New York, I don’t hate you (and that’s surprising)

After I told a coworker recently that my one year anniversary in the city was coming up soon she said, “That’s great! If you make it through a year, then you’ve got it. It’s a hard city to live in, and the first year is the hardest.” I think I’ve written a little about this, … Continue reading “New York, I don’t hate you (and that’s surprising)”

Book Detective: Finding Forgotten Titles from Childhood

After our house flooded in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, my mom and I became obsessed with replacing books that we had loved and lost in the storm. It was a funny process because often we could not remember the title of a book, but we could remember specific scenes, vague plotlines, or vivid images from covers of … Continue reading “Book Detective: Finding Forgotten Titles from Childhood”