Brewing with Kombucha Koala

I spent this weekend hanging out with kombucha koala and making a new batch of kombucha. I thought about making a post on how to get started, but kitchn really has that well covered from making your own scoby from store-bought kombucha to how to make kombucha at home. I don’t think I can really add … Continue reading “Brewing with Kombucha Koala”

Top Five Manga (that made me recognize the art of storytelling)

In middle school and high school, aside from school assignments, I almost exclusively read manga. While I have several nostalgic favorite and dramatic favorites, this is not a list of those. Instead, this is a list of the top five manga that convinced me that storytelling in comic form is an art. Oboreru Knife 溺れるナイフ (The Knife … Continue reading “Top Five Manga (that made me recognize the art of storytelling)”