The importance of walking with no destination

As of last month, I started taking a different subway to work because it involves more walking. I never thought I’d have to get so strategic about walking, because it’s an activity I love. I always thought living in New York would involve a lot of walking. However, working as a graphic designer and illustrator, … Continue reading “The importance of walking with no destination”

How to not clean a yoga mat

Dear friends, I have made a horrible mistake. I bought a yoga mat last week, and when I tried to do yoga on it, I started slipping. I was sliding so frantically, it was impossible to hold a pose. So, friends, I did what any sane person would do, having just purchased a product only … Continue reading “How to not clean a yoga mat”

Making Your Own Valentines Cards

Every year, I make a Valentines card. In the past, I’ve made a digital version to send around, but this year, I decided to print and make full cards. I bought some small pre-cut warm white cardstock at Michael’s and used that to determine the size of my document. In the future, I’d probably go with … Continue reading “Making Your Own Valentines Cards”