For the love of libraries

One of the best parts of moving to New York has been access to the libraries here. Wherever I go, I love exploring the libraries of a place. Even in Japan, when I couldn’t read a majority of the books in the library, I could wander around the shelves and look at the pages and … Continue reading “For the love of libraries”

A Fascination with Patterns

“Pattern (n) something that happens in a regular and repeated way” –Merriam-Webster A pattern can refer to more than just a visual repetition of elements. There can be mathematical patterns, weather patterns, patterns of data, and others, but for the purpose of this entry, I’m just thinking about visual patterns. I’ve always been fascinated by … Continue reading “A Fascination with Patterns”

Chicory, a taste of home

If you drink a cup of coffee in New Orleans, it’s likely coffee brewed with chicory. It’s a unique flavor with an interesting origin story. According to local lore, the French brought coffee to America through the port of New Orleans. When France was in a civil war (thanks to Napoleon), there was a coffee shortage. … Continue reading “Chicory, a taste of home”